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Race Qualifier
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Taste of Racing WMRRA round 7 at The Ridge Motorsports Park. 9.1 & 9.2 of 2012.
If you haven't ridden The Ridge yet, and want to at the cheapest rate in town. Here is your last chance.

If you haven't done Taste of it.

If you've done it again.

Info can be found here:

If you've got questions...ask them here, pm me or you can email taste of racing at wmrra dot com

If I don't asnwer, it's likely because I don't care or I'm too busy with work and getting prepped for the race weekend.

Oh, yeah. One little thing to add. If you come out and help out with corner working. Your Taste of Racing session and gate admission is free. If you plan ahead for the whole weekend. We can get you a free hotel room and feed you something, also. Info on that can be found here: ***WMRRA Round 7 (at The Ridge ) Corner Workers Wanted***
Pretty sweet deal, if you ask me.

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Peg Dragger
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Hey Donny, I was gonna say this at the awards Sunday night, but I was still out corner working for the endurance practice....

Thanks to you, Russ, and all the riders who volunteer to do TOR. This is the first time I finally got two wheels on the Ridge, and it was such a fun track. Can't wait to get my track bike out there and do it 'for real'. So pass this on to the corner workers, marshals , and the rest of the gang when you see them!

Man, the corkscrew is fun.....

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Another big thank you. I've done TOR before, but never at the Ridge. WOW that is an awesome track!

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Thanks for doing this Dbag! I had a blast!

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Pit Crew
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To paraphrase a much better rider than me:

"The first time I ride the corkscrew, I say FAAAAACK!"

Had a blast.

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