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Originally Posted by Worldtraveller View Post
I agree, it was an absolute blast. I had Donny all to myself (never thought you'd hear anyone say that, didja? ) for the first few sessions. I don't think his bike ever got outta 3rd gear with my little Ninja screaming her way around the track...

Then I followed the fast 250 guys around for the last few sessions and learned even more. Jack is one fast kid!

Class act all around from Mike and the whole crew.
Glad you had fun and progressed like you did. It was a good move to go with the other 250's. Can't wait to see you grid up and mix it up with the rest of the ninjettes.

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Oh, and I want to give big extra props to JJ at KFG racing for jury rigging a new shifter linkage after mine broke in the first session. (You're not racing if you're not breaking something, right?) Dude pulled a McGyver and got me back on track by the next session!

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I had a great time. Uncrowded track + perfect weather meant I could focus on my confidence and cornering skills. Really upped my game on Thursday, and I'm ready to keep pushing it next season (or maybe one more day this month, we'll see). Thanks for the great day, Sully!

Also, here's a video of my best session. I wasn't screaming as fast as I could have because I wanted to set myself up for good corner entries and good body positioning. Watching the videos, I need to take turn 3 a lot differently. I lost too much speed there. Also, I realize I can probably be more aggressive with the back chicanes, but that's what this was, a learning exercise.

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