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Motofit Group
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Originally Posted by Geezer View Post
How does one go about buying pix from xqsme photography? There is a Paypal link but no price is indicated. What am I missing? (besides living brain cells baked out thru generous doses of drugs and alcohol)

Michael aka Anklepucks
Hello Michael,

First I wanted to thank you for coming out, great meeting you, and we all enjoyed working with you. There might be simple solution for the foot peg breaking off , I'll check my garage stock. You can contact Ben through the website for assistance but he pretty much takes donations, so whatever you feel is fair. Hope this helps and I'll get back after checking my parts inventory.

more smiles per mile,

Rob Burch
MotoFit Group LLC.

P.S. Ryan Phillips will be posting up his galleries as well: He's the other Rockstar Photographer. who shoots MotoFit Events.

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Training Wheels
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ORP sunday 9/23
I had one of the funnest days ever on a bike on sunday with Motofit and this awesome track (even though my kid lapped me during one of the sessions) We had never been here before and we really lucked out with the weather and everthing else considering we did not decide to do this until the day before. Big props to everyone for keeping it up on two wheels all day. We will be back next season for sure.

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Thanks Rob & Kara

Had an amazing time! More to say but @ work

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