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From: Walla Walla, Wa.
Shumate Walla Walla is not closed
Hi Everyone. I have heard a lot of rumors about Shumate WW closing. I work at the parts counter and I went to work today. (8-26-09) So No we are not closed. And our tech Steve is back.

First, I would like to thank those loyal customers that have stuck with us during these tough times.

Mr. Shumate does not want the WW store to close. We see a lot of potential in WW And we want to be part of it.
But I must admit that I don't know what the future holds.
And of course we are caught in a vicious circle. With business being so slow we can't afford to spend The huge sum of money required to restock the racks with all the latest greatest stuff, Factory spares and tires. just to have those items sit unsold. But then we can't sell what we don't have.

That is why during this tough period we are in. We have to rely on special orders. It's not the best solution. And as a general rule the folks don't like to order out of a catalog. That includes me to. and it's slow. But it is the only option we have until the economy gets back on it's feet.
So I ask that you be patient with us while we work through these tough times. And since we are not perfect, we are working hard to improve ourselves.

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Good to hear for us Yamaha owners. As well Steve is an awsome tech so it's good to see him back! Many people have mixed feelings about what is going on but i hope things work out and come together for you and Steve as you guy's have always treated me well.

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Great to hear! I'll come down only if the taco wagons still across the street

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