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Training Wheels
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From: walla walla, wa

I Ride: '91 GSXR (electric conversion)
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Originally Posted by Goldenpenny View Post
Holy hell, what do you ride on the sprocket or tire?
Yeah, it's big. Gotta be real careful on the the left sweepers.
Direct drive to an electric motor, so has be geared that way.

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I Ride: 04 CBR1k
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Originally Posted by SoloSix View Post
buy yourself some pilot powers michelin they are a great dual purpose tire and performs well i run 36_psi front and 32-36 PSI rear .. works great for me .. i ride in everything except rain and snow of course
i buy them online at motorcycle parts store .. just google it and i mount them myself you rarely need to balance unless you change tire size.....take tires to walmart they set the bead for free and off i go...PS greAse your wheel bearings while you are there
I would definitely stick with the summer air if I was you then. No sense spending the extra few bucks on the winter air if you're not going to use it.

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I Ride: 86' GSXR 1100
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Originally Posted by ZoomSmith View Post
True to Gravey's recommendation, Johnson's Motorsports did a great job a reasonable price.

Have tread, will travel.

Awsome, Mark's a great guy. Hope to see this thing in person soon.

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