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Laguna Moto GP viewing get together in Ballard
Those who are not going to Laguna this year come join a group of race fans at the "Blue Glass Restaurant" on NW65th and cheer your favorites on!
My friend Nathan Reynolds now works there and has made arrangements to accommodate up to 50 people this coming Sunday the 29th!
Race will be on SpeedTV at 3PM.

Anyone who wants to come is welcome! Please read Nathans comments below and make sure and get there early to enjoy the offerings. Kitchen closes at 2:30, races start at 3

Look forward to seeing you guys there!
Dave R

PS..thanks to Adam Coale for spearheading this!

“ Quote:
Nathan Reynolds
A little more info: The restaurant will close to the masses at it's usual 2:30 but we'll be keeping it open for a couple of hours or so for us race fans/junkies. I encourage y'all to come down for brunch and then stick around for beers, bloodys, or NA bevvies and enjoy the race. One request...on behalf of my coworkers in the kitchen I'd appreciate it if we didn't have 20 people walk in 5 minutes before closing all wanting food. We're a small kitchen and it'll be at the end of their long work day. Thanks. See ya'll there!!!!!!

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