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Peg Dragger
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Originally Posted by D675Freak View Post
Anyone have a Javelin missile launcher for sale?
Nope but if you go to just about any RenFair or Scottish Highland games you can probably find a Claymore(sword) or two for sale. It would be effective...

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Seņor verde
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Originally Posted by cletus View Post
Meh, you Brits are all peace lovin freaks. English history has proven that over and over again.
Especially the British soccer fans. We could all learn a thing or two from them about living in peace and harmony.

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Originally Posted by taznhell View Post
You think that is funny this was the dialog
Me "What you gonna do with that stick?"
Him "I gonna split your skull!!"
Me "Really you are threatening my life?"
Him "Damn Straight Fucker!!"
Me "All I needed to hear"
Remove 40 from holster draws on A-hole
Him "wait a minute man What the Fuck, (drops stick, holds hands out as a dont gesture and pisses pants) dude don't shoot"
Me Hears cop siren and PA saying put the weapon down. so gingerly place my 40 on ground stepping away from it hands up.
That was our confrontation makes me laugh every time.

It is a Springfield XD police model 40 cop even said nice weapon when he picked it up to secure it. Also commented on my soft nose hollow points saying yep that would do the job.
Hahaha all of this, awesome.

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I Ride: ZX12r
My SHoooooeeeeeeeeeee!

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