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From: seattle

I Ride: 1krr
im in west seattle close to the beach.

i like to ride to alki for coffee!

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I Ride: 1985 Suzuki GS550L
Honestly, I don't know any good routes yet. I just moved up here about a year ago and didn't get around to buying a new bike till maybe 2 months ago.

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From: Seattle, WA

I Ride: 2008 BMW R 1200 GS
Some of the best rides
I do 99.9% of my rides solo, and always have. I'll ride with one or two friends or family now and then, but I think the last time was two years ago. My only "large group" rides were back when I rode a 2002 Indian Chief, which I rode ot Sturgis a couple of years in a row, and participated in local Indian groups rides.

But, I've just always loved the freedom to change my mind as I ride, taking detours on a whim, etc. One thing that I can offer is Great Route Advice for people new to the area.

Ferry Boats. The biggest advantage to riding a bike on a Ferry Boat (besides cheaper tickets) is that all bikes go to the head of the line, so Rush Hour is no longer a problem. This assumes that you have a Commuter Ticket and don't need to wait in line for a pass, but after you get your ticket you still ride to the front of the line. They board bikes first so that they are also first off.

You can see all Routes and Rates here:

First, the boat ride itself is a Tourist Destination in itself that provides breathtaking views of Puget Sound, Islands, Mountains, boats, and passing ships for just a few bucks.

Second, any one of the Ferrry Boat rides heading west will drop you off into a rural or wooded spot (with the exception of Bremerton), and you will be mere minutes from some great roads and scenery. Bremerton will provide access to the same after about 10-15 minutes of stop lights.

Once you're on the Olympic Peninnsula, you're away from one of the worse Traffic regions in the entire country (Seattle), and riding in the Great Northwest. If you have the time or endurance for it, you can make it around the entire peninnsula on Hwy 101 in one day. (one "long" day, dawn to dusk in the Summer). A good stretch of 101 is along the West Coast. I prefer making it a two day weekend ride, with detours to any of the dozens of side road destinations like Cape Flattery (western-most point in the Continental U.S.), or Hurricane Ridge, or the Ho Valley Rain Forest, or... The list is long.

So, for virtually instant access to your next great ride, take a random Ferry Boat heading West. Come back on a different Ferry Boat route. Don't forget to bring a camera.

I'm game for a dual or group ride like that any time. The Edmonds Ferry Terminal is about 10-15 minutes north of me, but any Terminal will do.

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From: Burien, WA

I Ride: ZX12r
I am going to ride as long as I is about the only pleasure I get as I recover from my 5th back surgery.

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From: bellevue
“ Quote:
Originally Posted by ramma View Post
Oh hai! You probably live a few minutes from me. I'm right between SLU and Belltown. I'm up for riding sometime.
Hey man, I found you again! Hows the rain treating you?

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