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  • Candiya
    Blog: Candiya's blog. By Candiya at 11:25 AM.
    December 8, 2014 I wanted to share a little success. Last night I threw a holiday party bike night for the local riders. It was my first time entertaining since Mike's accident. I privately called it the "maybe the holidays won't suck forever" party, and I threw myself into it. Made 2 pans of...
  • paradox206
    Blog: paradox206's blog. By paradox206 at 11:28 PM.
    I sometimes stop to take pictures along the way while other times I just cruise directly there and get a picture to prove (to myself?) that I did it. Instead of making lots of picture threads about the places I go (since I'm riding a lot these days), I figured I'd just make a single blog about...
  • Debera
    Blog: Debera's blog. By Debera at 1:49 PM.
    Riding up the 101 in the wet fog that morning I was filled with anticipation, excitement and a bit of healthy fear. Only view of the track from the pit was the mini Corkscrew and straight, what lied beyond was a mystery. Even with the map of the course, it was hard to really get a "feel" of the...
  • Sep
    Blog: woolyxx's blog. By woolyxx at 12:46 AM.
    got my first rocket a few weeks ago... been riding ever day since then. life is good. cheers
  • Nyoface
    Blog: Nyoface's blog. By Nyoface at 5:37 PM.
    Just wondering if anyone out there has taken the power sports class at Bates Tech. If so, what was your experience like and was it worth it? If anyone has other suggestions of similar courses, please let me know. Thanks, Tony
  • Italian Stallion
    Blog: Italian Stallion's blog. By Italian Stallion at 11:26 PM.
    I'm looking for a navigation app that will allow for easy customization so that I piece the roads I want into a route. Many of the current apps focus on optimization, where as I want to be able to make a route out of twisties. Once the route is initiated, it would guide me with turn by turn...
  • mrjbuddrow
    Blog: mrjbuddrow's blog. By mrjbuddrow at 8:49 PM.
    Let get a ride together before summers up!
  • Candiya
    Blog: Candiya's blog. By Candiya at 9:07 AM.
    (Drafted 8-6-14) A memorial ride that’s not a memorial ride. The son of the slain rider sitting tall, passenger behind his father’s friend. The bike we used to ride together gliding behind them in the turns, the son’s mother riding pillion. This is my view as we leisurely travel the...
  • Jul
    Blog: Candiya's blog. By Candiya at 12:26 PM.
    (Drafted 7-26-14) A week ago, I did my second track day of the season, my fifth total. There was a large group of friends who attended, and I’d been looking forward to it since January, when we booked the day. I haven’t been able to decide what to write about it. Do I want to mention how...
  • Jul
    Blog: Bowers750's blog. By Bowers750 at 3:14 AM.
    The Fear........ At some point or another we have it, wether it be out sense of self preservation or the fear of pain at some point it haunts us and hinders us from what we are capable of. For the longest time I would hear stories of riders getting ran off the road or any scenario like that and...
  • Jul
    Blog: Candiya's blog. By Candiya at 10:21 PM.
    Sometimes riding feels like drawing blood. My soul drawn up to the sky, and the pain that I didn't know existed, pulled out the marrow of my bones.
  • silviefox
    Blog: silviefox's blog. By silviefox at 1:57 PM.
    on February 25 of 2012 i traded my 1971 super beetle for a 2000 ATK 605 with about 4800 miles on it, i got/made some parts for it to make it "mine". On march 12 2012 it was stolen the day befor i was going to reg and insure it and two days befor starting my job :(, so on June 30 of 2014 my...
  • Jun
    Blog: Strtrider's blog. By Strtrider at 10:02 AM.
    Looking for people to ride with and wanting to do a Sunday Ride up and round Mt. Rainier if any one has the same idea lets talk.
  • WaGigKPN
    Blog: WaGigKPN's blog. By WaGigKPN at 4:48 PM.
    Sometimes, following your dreams leads to great success...Other times knowing when to let dreams stay dreams leads to fulfillment.
  • AStar
    Blog: AStar's blog. By AStar at 9:51 PM.
    Too many thoughts to put in writing. Patrick took me under his wing and we became the best of friends. I considered him a brother. Thank you everyone who attended the memorial ride and to those who shared their memories of him. I miss you brother.