I dont know what I will do... I've always blogged about my life at beansbaxter.com, but it's good to have a blogging spot here on PNW Riders too. 8)

I'll chime in on topics ranging from the forum, my motorcycle, my camera, and my life.

Enjoy. :ninja:
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  1. Imagine a PNW Riders Thunderdome with one motorcycle versus another motorcycle.

    What do you think?
  2. If the manufacturers made an 800cc sportbike, would you ride it?


    a Honda CBR 800RR
    a Kawasaki ZX-8R
    a Suzuki GSXR 800
    a Yamaha YZF-R8

  3. So what happened to the 2009 VFR 1000 that was suppose to be released? I've been hearing about this bike for the last few years, and everyone seemed determined that this bike was for sure coming out finally in 2009. But nope, nothing from the Honda camp, as all the new bikes have been announced.

    This bike has turned out to be more overrated than David Hasselhoff - even MCN went on record saying this bike was coming out this year.

    I guess for next year, we should look forward to two liter bikes - the 2010 Honda VFR 1000 and the 2010 Honda CBR 1000RR.

  4. Forget the Sega for a second...

    I just pulled another all nighter, and besides being hella beat, I've been working on a flood of bug updates to the forum.

    Things are loading fast AND I've finally got the left column implemented on the Forum Index page.

    There is a lot of center dead space on the Forum Index page, so I pushed it in some to accommodate a left-side column. As of now, the column shows the last 10 threads in the General Discussion, as wel as the last 10 threads hopping in the Classifieds. Of course, the portal page is much more in depth, but this helps us see what is happening in the hot spots of the forum as we are navigating in between subforums.

    Tomorrow night is Christmas Eve night, and I'll be sipping some egg nog and working more on the forum. I hope to add the left column to the Forum Display page... but dont worry, the threads themselves will NOT see a left column. They will be left alone.

    More later...

    And wanted to say lostcruz's blog gave me a good category idea... a blog category on just the maintenance history of my bike as I do it. Check out his blog, makes sense and is an awesome idea for anyone needing ideas for their blog.

  5. I always seem to be up in the wee hours of the morning working on the forum, both the software and the hardware surrounding it. This latest round of updates has kept me on the forum fixing issues and bugs and providing support...

    But as the title of this blog shows, I have to secretly admit that Internet radio is the way cool... especially when I seem to find myself listening to Ace of Base every time this forum maintenance is going on.

  6. An early Christmas gift to myself... since I am trying to get better at the photography thing, and I love the opportunity to take pictures as I feel it enriches the multimedia of the forum when the pictures look good...

    So today I acted on a slight impulse and decided not to get the new Nikon D3. The only reason is because Nikon rumors are flying that Spring of 2008 will see the new Nikon D3X and this will be the true flagship Nikon camera for the next two years. I've had an opportunity to pick up a hard to find D3, but passed...

    So today, with all the feelings of my life in the right places (or so I thought), I opted for the Nikon D300 as a secondary camera to my D200. I picked up the battery pack expansion grip as well for it, and added another very cool lens to my inventory. I love Nikon glass!

    After walking around the University District with my new D300, I dont even want to touch my D200 anymore. There are some minor annoyances, but the new D300 is really light years ahead of the D200 in terms of features and performance. I love this camera immensly and it's been only eight hours since picking it up.

    I still am figuring stuff out on it, and getting used to the incredible CMOS sensor and the ridiculously high ISO on it :scared

    More on the adventures of my new Nikon, coming soon...
  7. I have been running the new look of the forum for over a month now, but I am pleased to bring it to the live site...page load has been decreased by over half of the previous theme on the site so things should be loading much faster!

    There are still some graphical tweaks, icons, buttons, etc. that I will be working on over the next few days.

    The best part about Christmas is I get more keyboard time, so all I do is sit and work on this stuff.

    I've been up way too long tonight. Time for sleep. :fallinga:
  8. While everyone is sitting in Live Chat right now, I am upgrading and installing a plethora of new features here on PNW Riders, including the new blog feature.

    Each user on the forum can now have their very own blog.

    I will post more about the blog and all the cool functions that it encompasses!