Thought I'd start a little blog about my summer up here.
We arrived last Sat. to our fish camp. Discovered we had a 33 hr opener the next day. My brother in law and myself scrambled to get two more of our 5 sets set out out. The 33hr opener was a pretty good one for us. We ended up with 4500 pounds in 33 hrs. There was an announcement the next day that we'd have a three day opener. So far during this opener we've caught 5800lbs of Red Salmon and have just heard there is a 48 extension to this opener. Prices are up to 1.35 per pound so it's already looking like a decent beggining to our season.
It's bitterly cold here on the south end of Kodiak for this time of year. Lots of bears moving through our area lately as well. I've not been out fishing yet that I have not seen at least one bear
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  1. Well still just fishing long hours. Early this morning I was out on one of our sets in Alitak bay and was visited by a mother and calf orca. They came right along side my boat and around the net and up into the next bay. They were about 10 feet off the side of my skiff. Pretty cool stuff.
  2. Been here a week now. It's been a really good start to our season. The day after we arrived we got a 33 hr opener. We ended up with 4500lbs of Red salmon in the opener. We got a three day opener a day later and now a 48 hr extension. We are close to 10000 lbs already at 1.35 per pound.
    It's bitterly cold up here right now with strong winds and lots of rain. Makes for good fishing apparently though. There seems to be bears everywere right now as well. I've been seeing them every day. I hope to get some photos up in the next few days. I'm going on very little sleep right now and my arms have gone numb from picking so many fish.
  3. Another reason, he's just way to Cheeky for my liking.
  4. I have many, it could be the same reason I disliked the Bee Gees in the 70s or Def Leopard in the 80's its part of my natural instinct to dislike or question the validity of something or someone that all of the sudden is the best thing since smoked oysters.
    I'm just getting started there will be much more to come.