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  1. I have to say it's been a rough few months around our house.

    Back in August my Grandmother in-law passed away.. She had several strokes and had been slipping for months. Her passing was expected so we were well prepared..

    2 weeks ago I got news that my Grandmother's health was deteriorating and she had been moved to Hospice care. 4 days later she passed away. Thankfully she was a organized kind of lady who didn't want to burden her family. She had set up a savings account with enough money to cover her expenses, plane tickets for the whole family to fly to Indiana, Hotels, car rental, meals and even trips to the zoo for the kids. She really made a hard time much easier to cope with. Thank you for that Grandma.

    This weekend capped off the dreaded three.
    Friday night we were out for dinner and got a call from my mother-in-law. Niki's dad Joe was up working on the roof of his rental home alone patching the roof and fell off trying to get back on the ladder.

    He was in the Pendelton Hospital ICU with a broken his arm two skull fractures plus possible spine injuries. By the time we got home they had called for Life Flight to transport him to Portland. We put the kids to bed with the teen in charge. Hauled over to Pendleton to pick up his wife and made a midnight run to Portland arriving at 4am. By Saturday afternoon he was stable and alert but in a lot of pain.

    We managed to get back home by 10pm Saturday night and pick up my step son and his date from his homecoming dance..

    Sometime soon I need to go out to Castle Rock and ride Joe's dual sport back to their home in Pendleton. He's not going to be riding for awhile.

    No more please! I've had enough for quite awhile thank you! I just want to go ride my bike.
  2. Battery cable clamp on the CRX broke today when I was at work.. The darn thing was hardly making contact and didn't have enough power to crank.
    I had nothing but a bobby pin I found in the glove box to work with..


    Bobby pin FTMFW! It got me home.
  3. I got a surprise today.. One of my old friends called up asking for a ride so he could pick up his new bike.. He's done dirt before but this is his first street bike.

    He got a 2001 SV650S.. Good choice for a first bike I believe..

    I told him to join up here. Hopefully he'll post up soon.

  4. Those pesky Doctors are messing with my riding season again. They carved a suspicious bump out of my arm yesterday. Now I can't push my bike out of the garage and up the driveway because I might tear the stitches.. This sucks.. I'll be rocking the CRX Si for 2 weeks.
  5. A company called LePan makes a 10" Android tablet that fits in most Ipad cases and sells for $199..
    Don't get one! I've gone through 3 of them in 9 months.. They have a crappy power port design that ends up breaking so it won't charge

    I've had 2 fail this way.. spent a month waiting for a replacement after the first one broke.. 1st replacement arrived with a defective SD slot.. They took another 4 weeks to get a 2nd replacement out.. That fucker broke this weekend.. Same power port damage..

    Guess I'll stick with iPads or maybe a Galaxy Tab.
  6. Sounds crazy but in the last two weeks I've driven 1000 miles fetching a bike and parts for it..

    So sick of driving..
  7. I finally got the 79 GS1000 ready to ride for the season.. Well almost..

    I finally checked and re-shimmed the valves..
    It needed it in a bad way.. all but two valves were less than .0015".. Now they are all between .0025 and .0040 and it starts runs much better..
    It still needs the carbs synced and I have to put new seals in the leaky tach drive..

    While I was messing with it I replaced one of the sad factory horns with one I salvaged from an old Cobra bike alarm.. The coba horn so so damn loud my ears were ringing.. That's a good thing right? :devil:
  8. I scored this Metcal on ebay for $12
    I just need to order a hand piece & cartridge and I'll be ready to rock..

  9. I've been tracking a package that was supposed to be delivered on Saturday.. It arrived in town Friday afternoon so it should have been delivered on Sat..

    Friday.. No mail.
    Saturday No mail.

    WTF?? I think my post man took a vacation.
  10. Bottled 2 gallons with champagne yeast..
    Should be nice and fizzy in a few days..

  11. After 2 years of just plain ignoring it (and my wife complaining about the ugly dead thing in the driveway) I finally found some time to get my Mustang running..


    I started this little project more than 2 years ago at my old house where I had loads of shop space.. We knew we had only 2 months to get it together before I moved. It arrived at my house as a roller with no engine or trans.. It had started life a factory 2.3 auto car. Over about 6 weeks with the help of a few good friends we tore out the 7.7 rear axle, shocks springs, control arms, tank, fuel lines, brakes, master cylinder, peddles, steering rack, air box, exhaust, ECU and engine wiring harness plus anything related to the 2.3 4 banger.

    In went a 5.0 we salvaged from a Lincoln town car. added a Mass Air engine harness, V8 ECU harness and A9P ECU, FMS A/C delete kit, Smog pump delete, plugged the thermactor ports in the heads. Bolted up a new flywheel, clutch, and a T-5. dropped a 8.8 3.26 posi in the rear with GT springs and KYB shocks.
    new fuel pump, V8 fuel lines, GT steering rack, BBK offroad H pipe and flowmaster exhaust plus a lot of other junk..

    We missed our finish deadline of 6 weeks :) HA and had to tow it to the new house..
    From that point I didn't get much done.. New house stuff took priority, then a bike to get running, life moves on and the car sat for the next 2 years..

    I tinkered with it from time to time doing little stuff but never got truly motivated until a few weeks ago.. I got out there and finished the engine wiring, got a new battery in and figured out the ignition switch was shot.. In goes a new one.. still won't crank.. Bad neutral safety switch.. swap that.. now she cranks but won't fire.. Fresh gas. No joy.. I got 50 psi fuel pressure.. I got spark.. Check the plugs.. OK time for new plugs.

    Did they ever change the spark plugs in that Lincoln? It had gaps form .086 to .094"

    New plugs in Vroom she fires! but it won't idle.. Funny how you forget what you did and didn't do 2 years ago.. Lots of vac lines on the back of the engine not hooked up.. Like the PCV and brake booster.. prob the 2 largest vacuum leaks I could have.. :)

    Got them sorted out and it's running great.. Took it around the block and she'll light em up real nice :)
  12. I've been playing around with carbon fiber composites for an RC airplane project and needed more practice doing layups.

    So instead of making useless extra parts I made a mold of my GS1000 airbox lid.

    This is the 3rd try and I finally got the layup down with no bubbles..

    Un-trimmed out of the mold..


  13. On Tuesday I went in for a routine same day surgery to remove my gall bladder because of stones. Tuesday night I was back at the Kadlec ER with extreme pain.. 10mg of Hydrocodone wouldn't even make a difference.. They gave me a hydromorphine on a PCA and I was hitting that button every 8 minutes for the next 5 hours.. Even then I still had pain.. They suspected a bile leak. The addmitted me for observations then I had 2 cat scans, an MRI, chest xrays, utra sound.. I don't remember much of the first 24 hours was I was fairly well stoned on morphene..

    Traumahawk came to visit, I remember talking about bikes and may have dozed off from time to time.. I hope I was coherent.. :)

    My Wife and family came to visit every day.. one of my few bright spots I'd look forward to even if the kids were fighting..

    My dad would come and sit with me for awhile but neither one of us are big talkers so we mostly just watched TV..

    That night they did a 2nd procedure with a camera to look for a leak and put in a stint if needed.. They didn't find a leak and by then the pain was easing off.. After then I was fully admitted to the hospital (and much better bed with a view)

    By Friday I was told I could eat more than Jello and juice and reduced to a 5mg hycrocodone for pain..

    Saturday morning They let me go home..

    By far this has been the worst week of my life..
  14. I've had enough time here, I'm going home

  15. I took some time off from the bike projects to work on my Byron 1/5 scale P-51..

    I'm building it as an electric so the first job is to build a mount for the Byron 24" 4 blade prop.

    The original prop drive had a 35cc quadra gas engine on a 2.5:1 belt drive.

    The prop is a 4 piece unit ( 4 separate blades)
    It bolted to a pulley that doubled as the spinner back plate on the prop drive.

    I want to bolt it directly onto my electric motor so I had to make a new back plate/prop mount..

    Test fitting the 5.25" spinner on the back plate I turned from 1/4" aluminum plate.

    Finished prop


    Bolted onto the electric motor.

    That is a Neu 1521 3,500w brushless motor..
    It has a 6.7:1 planatary reduction gear..
    I plan to run it on 29.6v @105 amps turning the prop at 4,000 rpm. It should make about 20-25 pounds of thrust at full throttle..